A figure of Saint Lawrence Next to the chapel

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Legal regulations must also be taken into account – tobacco cannot be advertise in the press, and advertisements for children’s products must be properly ethical. It also matters whether you run a push or pull strategy. All these factors must be taken into account when selecting each of the elements of marketing communication: channels, message or recipients. Non-verbal elements of business communication Andy Warhol prophesie in the 1960s that everyone would have their 5 minutes of fame. His prophecy is being fulfille only today, when most marketers or business owners have their own personal brand.

There use to be an inn serving pilgrims

Everything they do becomes part of business communication. However, the seller, entrepreneur or influencer does not issue press releases or advertise himself using traditional forms of promotion. Instead, the non-verbal elements database of communication become increasingly important. We recommend What is influencer marketing? In Poland, they were made famous by the strategist Piotr Tymochowicz, who several years ago advise politicians on the color of the tie, the addition of a tan or the arrangement of hands that would convince the recipients of them. Similar tactics are use in business today. Non-verbal elements of communication include: dense, outfit, voice timbre, smell, charisma, expression, attitude, touch place, time.


According to historical records

These elements can be use in many different situations, from 1:1 communication to performing in front of an audience. Knowlege about them also works well in everyday business, because sellers or consultants can gain a lot if they use these Saudi Phone Number elements consciously. Meia Marketing – It’s Not What You Think! June 13, 2021 PR Meia Marketing – It’s Not What You Think! Meia marketing is a concept that has been correctly define in Polish literature only once. Misleading studies also abound abroad. In order not to get lost, we present a compendium of knowlege on this subject, taking into account the latest meia trends.

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