Currently his focus is teaching

 the Training of Trainers for Google Developer Kejar, a flagship training program from Google since 2018. This training activity was organized by Dicoding as a Google Authorized Training Partner in Indonesia using a global industry standard curriculum. Now he has completed 5 classes in the Android learning pathway at Dicoding Academy through 325 hours of learning programs from basic level classes ( Starting Programming with Kotlin ) to pro ( Learning Android Jetpack Pro ). With skills up to advanced level, how does Mr Khaidir reflect this in his role as a lecturer? Educate by Example “As an educator since 2013, I want to motivate students to love programming. “The way to do this is by showing that I am a capable.

This intention was sparked when

 programmer.” (Khaidir) Most importantly, he wants his expertise to motivate students to love programming. he was still in college. While still studying at STIKOM Insan Unggul, he observed 2 types of educators. The first type of lecturer only presents the material. The second type, lecturers who deliver material and inspire their students whatsapp data to succeed. “I wanted to be a second lecturer, one who motivates,” he recalled. This teacher from Cilegon revealed that what he studied on campus was only the skin. That’s why it’s important for students to have encouragement from within themselves to study at a much higher level. The method? To encourage students, Mr. Khaidir feels the need to prove that being a programmer is a promising career. For this reason, he also doubles as a professional freelance programmer who often works on client projects from.

With this students know that

 the private sector Furthermore, he added, ” I can work on projects ( freelancing ). So I can invite them to join in. Students come to know that by becoming programmers, they can earn a good living. “Hopefully my students will be encouraged to move forward, far more than me,” he concluded hopefully. Challenges of being an Educator in the Digital Era: Curriculum Mr Khaidir is a progressive figure. His goal this year Saudi Phone Number is to pass the notoriously difficult Google Associate Android Developer certification. He wants his expertise to be recognized internationally so that he can reach new clients and freelance projects from abroad. He understands that the professional world out there is moving so fast that sometimes the talent needed by the industry and the talent produced by the campus often don’t connect. 

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