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Therefore copywriters are responsible for creating substantive texts that fully cover the issue that interests a given group of recipients. In addition, the creator should watch the length of the entries, their spelling and punctuation correctness, and the proper use of keywords. So as you can see, that’s quite a lot of work. Therefore, appropriate support in the form of a text editor or a keyword planner tool is something that is very useful in the work of every copywriter, increasing its efficiency and improving the quality of written texts. Essential tools for a copywriter – what to start with.

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Checking the text in the field of spelling rules or the selection of keywords is now possible thanks to free tools. These are programs and intuitive plugins  that work well with texts in Polish, but not only. Here are free tools that will make the work of copywriters easier and more efficient . Text Editor – Google Docs Each Latest Mailing Database article or website or company blog first had to be created somewhere. Google documents will be helpful in the daily work of copywriters and content editing. Google Docs is enough for both beginners and experienced copywriters.

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The tool has a friendly interface, is intuitive to use, has a built-in corrector, allows you to check the length of the article, and allows you to create tables. Google Docs is a free program that will allow you to check the selected content for spelling. At the  same time, it will allow you to create a structured text, as any powerful tool allows you to format and extract headings, bold, italic, change fonts and font size or set appropriate line spacing. Allegro Saudi Phone Number documents  Texts and spelling — Ortograf Another free tool is Ortograf – its operation is very simple. Just enter the text there, and the selected article or description will be checked for spelling correctness.

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