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You can use Trello in the web version. And now we go to the part of the Trello tutorial 2022. How to use Trello in 2022 step by step Step-by-step guide to Trello in Spanish 1- Register in Trello To start using the tool on your computer, go to its website ( www.trello.com ) and click on the register button at the top right. How to sign up for Trello.png Choose the registration method through your email provided by the tool: Google account.

Disadvantages and Microsoft

Therefore, Microsoft profile. Apple email leads account. If you have any difficulties, watch this video where they explain it in a simple way. Click to accept marketing cookies and allow this content The platform will give you a quick little guide that will help you better understand where the main functions are. How to create a board in Trello 2- Create a new board on the platform To start creating a new board, you can press the <<create>>. Disadvantages and how to set up a trello board Now you must fill out the following information to create a board: Board name. Choose the design that your board will have. Dashboard visibility type: Private: Only board members can see it. Visible to workspace: All members of the workspace can view and edit (Default) Public.

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The image Saudi Phone Number below, Anyone can view it, including Google, but only members can edit it. Once you cover these fields the <<Create Board>> button will appear blue. Once inside, when you press the <<Board>> button at the top, you can, among other tasks, set an expiration date that the board will have. 3- Add a list in Trello It’s time to create a list. To do this, go to the <<+ Add a list>> button and enter the name you want to name the list with.

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