Discover the mistakes you are making on your corporate



Discover the mistakes you are making on your corporate blog

By now you probably already know that a corporate blog can be of great help to position a website on Google , but to do this it is not enough to have it open and publish a couple of entries. For a blog to be successful and liked by both Google and potential clients, it must be updated often and the published content must be original and provide value . We know that maintaining a corporate blog is not easy and can cause a lot of headaches, and that is why we want to help you. We have created this infographic , based on one of our posts , in which we show you which are the errors that most distance the user from your blog. We hope it is very useful to you

In less than 5 minutes

Do you feel like you are losing readers? Is your corporate blog not achieving the expected success and you don’t know why? ,after viewing this infographic, you will discover if you are making any mistakes that may be driving users away. These errors are the following:

1. Have an outdated corporate blog. If you have a blog and you hope to obtain good results, you will have to dedicate time to it and keep it updated regularly. Get your batteries!

2. It’s a shame to waste the popularity that images have on the Internet right now. If you use good images to accompany your post, you will surely be able to attract the attention of a greater number of readers.

Do not use photos in your posts

Do not put any date or indication of whether the post is updated or not. When a user searches for something Saudi Phone Number on Google, many results appear and it is normal that, when choosing, they opt for the most recent among those that are best positioned. This is not always the case, but it is true that a recent date usually generates greater credibility.

4. Have a blog and use it only to upload company news. You should not make the mistake of confusing a company news section on a website with a blog in which you must offer your clients valuable content.

5. Do not use tags in posts. Tags can help Google position your post, as long as you have used them well. In addition, they can help the reader reach other posts related to the same topic.

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