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Online store how to start How to open an online store and is an online store profitable? Today we will tell you how to put it on easily, step by step, and why it is worth doing it! We will also reveal what the latest research on online shopping preferences shows. Why is it worth setting up an online store? It would seem that your own online store is almost a mandatory investment these days. Still, many entrepreneurs wonder if creating an online store makes sense and whether it will be a beneficial step in their case.

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Today, more and more people prefer online shopping, as evidenced by the Gemius report entitled “E-commerce in Poland in “, which shows that as many as of Internet users bought something online at least once last year. In addition, compared to , the percentage of Poles who buy online has increased by as much whatsapp mobile number list as pp. The period of the pandemic has also changed the market and the same report shows that as many as of consumers now buy more products online, and shop there more often. What’s more, the study “Prospects for the development of the e-commerce market in Poland” conducted by PwC predicts that in the value of the e-commerce market in our country will reach PLN billion.

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Which gives an average annual increase of as much as ! Here are a few more reasons why you should set up an online store Reaching more customers Setting up an online store thousands or even millions of customers around the world. The network is a global solution thanks to which you will increase your sales Saudi Phone Number reach. While a physical store limits you to a specific location, online sales will allow you to distribute almost all over the world. Brand recognition Are you a craftsman? Do you run a craft business.

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