Guest Blogging is in fashion!


.Well yes, Guest Blogging is in fashion!

There are those who will say: You’re kidding! The truth is that the “Guest Blogging” technique or also known as “Guest Posting” which consists of writing as a guest author on other blogs is, without a doubt, an excellent way to get quality links , increase traffic to the web and , therefore, improve our SEO positioning . As a digital marketing agency we will tell you more about this resource.

Write for others? Free?.

Guest Blogging can be considered a “win-win” SEO strategy , that is, both parties, both the blog owner and the guest author, enter into a game of benefits. But why? It’s simple, the guest blogger gets visibility in other media and the owner of the other blog gets free, quality content.

Before starting to develop a guest blogging strategy or thinking about how we will do it, it is vital to set some objectives, in this way we will be guiding the actions that will be undertaken, thus achieving what we are looking for. For example, some of the goals that guest bloggers set are increasing traffic to the website, creating quality links (linkbuilding), web positioning and, finally, obtaining importance in the sector, that is, being a referent .


There are different techniques to achieve this

Ok, we have already explained the basics, but one of the most important things is to find the blogs we will write on.  for example, using a search engine like Saudi Phone Number Google and writing something similar to the Keyword “guest post”, in this way we will get blogs associated with our topic that allow guest posts. We can also use social networks like “twitter” and find guest bloggers who give us clues to pages where we can write. But beware! Here comes the bad part: we must avoid being penalized by Google and to do so we must stay away from bad practices such as “guest blogging networks”

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