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 to him, collaboration oriented towards talent development between universities and industry is very important. Another challenge is when facing students who say they are “in the wrong major.” He often faces students’ confused faces with a smile and stories about himself. He tries to convince his students that there are lots of learning resources that can be explored to find out where our interests and talents lie. Including learning programming, Mr. Khaidir highly recommends Dicoding to his students. So what is the first thing to learn Android for students, especially Dicoding? “Learn Java class on Dicoding!” he exclaimed. Then continue to the Getting Started Programming with Kotlin class . To further stimulate enthusiasm for learning, he often tells students that even lecturers like him and his age are still forging themselves. Stay enthusiastic in learning new knowledge. 

Achievements as a Lecturer Looking

 back 7 years, he said that his true achievement was seeing his students succeed. When they find out they love programming, no matter how difficult it is to learn. One of them was a student in the employee class. His house is tens of kilometers away from campus, but he is still enthusiastic about studying after working all day. The student then got the best GPA and ws data continued on to Masters. When he heard the story that this student wanted to become a lecturer, he became even more happy. That is where the happiness of an educator lies, according to him. Apart from that, thanks to Android certification from Google Faculty Training in Dicoding, Mr. Khaidir helped his campus get a grant to procure 1 Mobile Programming Laboratory from the Director General of Vocational Education, Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. 

This is the good news that the campus

has been waiting for for a long time. With these facilities, soon Piksi Input Polytechnic, Serang will have 25 high capacity PCs to help students learn mobile development . He hopes that with better infrastructure, more students will be enthusiastic about Saudi Phone Number learning and love programming. Educator’s Story: Fostering a Love of Programming Among Students-end Check out other stories from Indonesian educators in the world of programming: This Google FDP Scholarship Recipient LecturerIntroduction to Basic Programming (Basic Programming 101) Hello friends! What comes to your mind when you hear the word “programming”? Coding? Or computing? It ‘s still wrong . Hmm, it would be better if we started from the basics first. Programming is a program. What is the program like? A program is a logical sequence with certain inputs and outputs. Programs can also be a collection.

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