How to Complete Store Decoration

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If you want to give your shop a final look before finally saving it to Store Decoration, click Preview. Shop Decoration

You can also save it as a draft if you still don’t feel fulfilled. Just click the Save button.

Shop DecorationSelect the Publish button when you are ready to publish your new store look.

If you can’t publish your Shop Decoration, it means there are still component properties that you need to edit or input. In that case, simply check if all the required details are filled in.

How to Disable Shop Decoration
Shop Decoration

If you wish to disable Shop Decoration and prefer to use the default Shopee business page design, you can do so by logging into the Shop Decoration dashboard in the Shopee Seller Center. Click on the ticker button found at the bottom.

Introducing Shop Decoration Premium
Shop Decoration Premium is a powerful designer tool for your store that is offered to select sellers. It also has the same capabilities and components as Basic Shop Decoration but this one has some advancements and new features that you won’t find in the basic version.

Shop Decoration Premium Additional Components

You will receive a notification for Shopee if you qualify for Shopee Decoration Premium. Note that only selected sellers can have access to this feature.

If you receive a notification, you will see additional components and capabilities added to your Shop Decoration tool.

To use Shop Decoration Premium, go to database Seller Center and click Shop Decoration under the Shop tab.

Shop Decoration

Just like what you usually do in Shop Decoration Basics, you’ll need to click the Edit Decoration button to get started.

Shop Decoration

Your Shop Decoration edit page will have similar editing features to Shop Decoration Basic such as the component panel, canvas, and component properties panel. The Operations Bar has also been added to your Shop Decoration feature list. This will allow you to delete and rearrange components in your canvas.

Shop Decoration

Testing Your Store Decoration Premium


To test your new Shop Decoration tool, start using one of your components. To do so, you can click on a component and see it become visible on your canvas. You can drag and drop components and place them on the canvas too.Shop Decoration

Click a component on the canvas to Saudi Phone Number select it. The operations bar will then appear so you can rearrange your components as you like. Click the up or down buttons to place your components in the order you want.

If you want to remove a component, simply click the component again from the canvas. The operation bar will be visible once again. Click the trash can icon below the up and down arrows.

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