How to set up MailChimp with Analytics for conversion goals

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So …. Oh yeah!!!. The steps to follow to achieve this, without losing information, require that you configure MailChimp and Analytics in a specific way. Setting up MailChimp to send data to Analytics. MailChimp allows you to configure a list and associate it with a specific Analytics ID so that all screens and registration forms include the Analytics tracking code and therefore Google interprets it as if the user were viewing a page within our site. . ( Isn’t it true that when you say that, you can see that this solves all our problems? Well, indeed!!! ).

And now? Set up a page goal in Google Analytics.

Now, if you observe the analytics in real time and carry out the registration process, you will see that when the user accesses the MailChimp analytics registration screen, it is collected as if they were in ‘/subscribe’ and, once the data is filled out and sent, you can choose any option: Redirect it to your website. Leave it in MailChimp, in which case it category email list would be registered as ‘/subscribe/post’. In either case (I recommend the first), Analytics will now be able to record the entire process and you will be able to analyze the conversions with total reliability. That’s really cool!

I only have a blog, what the hell do I care about all this?

Well, without going into too much detail. Although all of this is much more useful on e-commerce websites or those aimed at “making money”, analyzing (as long as it doesn’t obsess you) is always a good way to get feedback and improve. To give you an example, I will tell you that it is very common Saudi Phone Number for someone to access your blog, read a post and decide to subscribe because that specific post has helped them a lot or they liked it a lot. In that case, wouldn’t you like to know which of your posts generates the most subscriptions? Isn’t that a very valuable piece of information to see what works best on your blog?

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