I don’t believe in the metaverse says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

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La Sexta and Atresplayer organize Metafuturo , an event that addresses the great challenges of today with the help of professionals and experts, who delved into the great global challenges such as the metaverse and the digitalization of society, the climate and energy emergency or the era of information and disinformation. Figures such as Steve Wozniak , co-founder of Apple, María Ressa , Nobel Peace Prize 2021, Cèline Cousteau , director and producer of documentaries and Juan Luis Arsuaga, who is a paleoanthropologist and Prince of Asturias winner, participate in Metafuturo .

Steve Wozniak and José María Álvarez-Pallete participate in Metafuturo

Wozniak pointed out that for now he does not believe in the metaverse, on the contrary he points out that this virtual world has a very specific category email list value: “the metaverse is not so much the future of technology, but rather an improvement of social networks.” The co-founder of Apple highlights the great capabilities of this digital universe in the world of video games, but doubts that people want to live constantly in it. “If you put on a VR headset you want to take it off because it’s tiring. In the world of data everything depends on privacy : “I “I associate the world of tokens with basic rights, and I believe that with Web3 we will be able to assert our rights.

The right to privacy in the digital age

The co-founder of Apple points out that technology is a tool that offers millions of possibilities, but it also has its bad side. Wozniak Saudi Phone Number adds that “sometimes I would like to go back in time. I believe that those who have carried out this technological revolution should be forced to live in it. But there is no way to stop technology because it comes from the human mind. Which led to addressing one of the central themes of his presentation in “Metafuturo”: the defense of basic rights in the age of technology. Wozniak and Álvarez-Pallete discussed the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, the latter highlighted that although the world of capital depends on the risk that one is willing to take.

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