How to perform an initial analysis of traffic sources to get more online sales


How to perform an I am discovering a new world for me. I have always liked figures to analyze cause and effect. It’s strange that until now I haven’t gotten deeper into web analytics. I’m starting to study some more advanced topics because in the past my knowledge has been shallow.

Basic analysis of visits to an online storec How to perform an

How to perform an Basic analysis of visits to an online store There are several basic metrics top industry data that help find out if the bases created are adequate or we have to work on aspects related to the design, usability, trust of the site, etc. An improvement in these criteria also has a direct effect on the web positioning of a store, so it is worth carrying out continuous monitoring. Stay time : This is the average time a user stays on your page. Although it can vary greatly depending on the topic, products, catalog, etc. A guideline to start with would be 1 minute.

Advanced traffic analysis for e-commerce more online sales

Advanced traffic analysis for e-commerce The Saudi Phone Number basic analysis is an initial step to find out if there is any serious error on the page that prevents the user from finding what they are looking for and ending up purchasing the product. You have to investigate and understand what happens before and during the purchase decision.

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