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It’s just a pulp! Something that I would rather not choose for such an evening reading. And here I got something like this and it’s great! The problem was that there was quite a lot of it, so we facd the challenge of learning it, how to share this knowldge with each other. We decidd on the method we know best. workshops. The method that works best in our opinion.

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After we got to know the materials from Damian, we conductd such workshops with the transfer of this knowldge. However, these database workshops had the advantage that each member of the project team had the opportunity to speak about the things we learnd from Desk Research. So it was such a free discussion combind with their prioritization, supplementing their knowldge, with the emphasis that everyone should understand exactly the same thing by.


Owners should also consider

So that we are “on the same page”, as it is nicely said in Old Polish. The next step was to give these hypotheses. These are scientific Saudi Phone Number studies, so unless we can argue with the fact that that the potato grows best in such conditions, but we can argue with the consequences of this fact in terms of constructing a digital product. So this is the stage when it was necessary to prioritize this huge number of hypotheses. You can’t test everything at once, it’s impossible. Apart from methodological errors, this is a challenge that will surpass absolutely anyone.

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