Introverted Personality as an Excuse

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Is Introverted Personality a Problem?

We May Always Hear Many Excuses. From an Introvert Who Cannot Do This or That Because of Shyness.

Can’t Find a Job, Can’t Give a Speech, Can’t Find a Partner and So on.

I Try to Avoid Making Such Excuses as Much as Possible.


Because to Me, Introversion is More. However, Of a Special Way of Doing Things. Rather Than Some Kind of Disability.

I just think of this shyness as just a kind of mental weakness

Misconceptions About Introverts introverted personality

I am a quiet person and do not like to stand out.

Then I realized that there really is no problem Whatsapp Mobile Number List with an introverted personality1 This.

And everything is OK.

I believe many of us have such thoughts.

But then came an additional issue – being an introvert has become something that limits my beliefs.

Every bit of information I looked up about introverts only focused on the “special needs” of introverts.

The need for solitude, the need for meaningful conversation, the need for serious relationships.

It’s as if this introvert is like a person with little effort (OKU) who needs special services.

PWDs cannot do many things:

How can we run if we have no legs.

How can we judge art if we are blind?

How can we do business, make friends or travel if we are an introvert? Slowly I discovered that all these statements were inaccurate.

It is a picture from only one side.

The more I explore the world the more I know introverted people who become lecturers

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Businessmen, activists and so on.

Therefore, an introverted personality is not an excuse for Saudi Phone Number us not to achieve what we really want.

Some Things About Introvert Personality
introverted personality

Introversion is not a social handicap.

We already understand this.

But being an introvert should not be used as an excuse to avoid something.

It’s not true if people say we can’t do certain things just because of our shy personality.

We just have to do it our way.

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