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Where is the best location to use surface lures?
Also, what is the most effective time?
As we all know, surface lures are one of the most effective techniques to tempt fish.

Predatory fish constantly watch the surface column of water.

However, not all places and times are suitable for using surface lures.

Therefore, this article will try to cover the topic of the best location and time to use surface lures.

Identifying Best & Suitable Locations Often surface lures are played in shallow water areas

The shallow area is a hunting ground for Database predators and a place for small fish to play.

Predatory fish will often monitor and survey these shallow waters from deeper areas.

The best locations for casting topwater lures are around:
Rocky areas such as rapids
The grass is sinking
Sinking wood
Along the grassy banks
Under the shade of a tree
the best location of the surface lure area
Such an area is usually a suitable playground for surface lures because predators are always roaming in such areas
Often areas with this structure are inhabited by fish.

The key is to find a place where you feel it will be a shelter for the fish from sunlight and forage.

The Best Time to Style Surface Lures

The best time to present surface lures is during low light conditions such as


Early morning time
Late afternoon.
If you plan to use surface lures during midday, look for a shaded Saudi Phone Number area such as an area protected by the shadows of trees.

red sea bass casting
Evening is often the best time to catch red bream with a popper!
Why This Time Is The Best?
We need to understand that the surface is the boundary between the water and the outside world.

It is also a target for animals that live in the outside world, especially birds that always watch the surface of the water.

Fish whether small or large know how dangerous this water surface is.

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