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We all instinctively know that they will be in the place, so when someone wants to find the legal text of your website, they go to the security footer. Legal text in the footer What are the risks to your website from non-compliance with the law? When you ignore the legal part of the website, you put the website in “ Chernobyl” mode. It may or may not happen, but if it does, you may have a lot of trouble in the Refinement mode.

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Web pages are more than just adding text and photos. If your website is special data generating an interest or you intend to generate an interest, it must have adequate legal protection to avoid sanctions and not destroy all your work. If you dont do that youll be severely punished, but youll be very. The legality of your website is your protective shell. Without it, you are naked in front of any nasty neighbor or person who does not like your face.

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 No one talks about it because of ignorance, because it is not as cool as talking about magic potions, or because a happy world of flowers is more attractive than a red line or a legal obligation that must be assumed. Because it’s not just your website, your website is part of your personal brand and reputation. Having an illegal website Saudi Phone Number can also damage your personal brand and be questioned. It’s not about scaring you, uh, it’s about confronting the consequences of these omissions, understanding them and avoiding them.

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