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 Let’s go mess up! Stages of designing a website Catalog Index What is the legality of a web page What legal texts on a web page are mandatory Legal Notices Privacy Policy Contractual Conditions Where should you place a legal page on a website? What are the dangers of your website for not complying with the law? How to Make Your Website Legal Testing to Check if Your Website Is Legal How to Make Legal Texts for Your Website(“ Total Solutions”)

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Conclusion What is the Legality of a Web Page When we talk about the fact that a website must new database comply with the law, it is not, We would think of the “ law #” idea those legal texts that no one seems to read(at least I don’t read them): policies and privacy, your contractual conditions, information terms and the happy checkboxes that must be placed in the contact and subscription form, etc.

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All of these requirements exist to provide assurance to users that they know who they have entrusted data to so that they know their rights when securely subscribing to, browsing or purchasing a website Basically, they show Saudi Phone Number users that they are dealing with a website that respects their rights and they can operate with confidence and vice versa. But we tend to think that no one sees them. Nobody cares.

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