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With Streak mail merge, automating your email campaigns and follow up sequences doesn’t mean losing your personal touch or giving up control of your relationships. We give you insights and tools to prevent crossed wires and awkward slip-ups.

What does that mean for you?

More efficient and effective communication and collaboration.

How so?

Simply do the following things..

Review previous conversations before hitting send
Mail merge and follow up email make an increible powerful team.
Streak alerts you if anybody on your team has already emailed a contact as soon as you upload a CSV file or add recipients from your pipelines. Review a timeline of your team’s communication with that person and decide if you want to remove them from the recipient list before sending your mail merge.

We’ll also help you avoid awkward situations by making sure you don’t accidentally add a contact to the same mail merge twice because, hey, it happens to the best of us.

Manage responses individually
Sending a personalized follow up email is the El Salvador Phone Numbers best way to optimize email campaigns
Never send a message out of context — once you get a reply to your mail merge, Streak pauses remaining follow-up emails to that contact so you can address their response individually.

See mail merge details in your inbox and contact pages

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A screenshot of Gmail inbox with mail merge details
We’ll let you know when you open an email thread or Streak contact page for a contact who’s in an active mail merge. If anything has changed, you can review the mail merge and pause the remaining automated emails for that recipient.

Pause and resume mail Switzerland Phone Number List merges as needed
Heading on vacation? Ironing out some kinks? Pause your mail merge to stop sending all messages immediately.

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