Marisa Rodríguez and Mamen Puyot join Creast

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Marisa Rodríguez has a long career in production companies, agencies and post-production studios such as Bassat, Lintas, Spika Films, Tapsa, Publicis, CP Works, Ovídeo and Telson , leading production management for clients such as Telefónica, ONCE, Estrella Damm , Bankia and Yoigo , among others. Mamen Puyot spent 20 years of his professional career at Contrapunto , where he served as Head of TV for 12 of them. Since then she has directed the production of audiovisual projects for agencies such as Darwin & Verne, McCann, CLV, PS21 and Pingüino & Torreblanca . They currently work on their own for different advertising agencies , maintain an excellent relationship with all the production companies, and throughout these years have worked for a large number of advertisers.

Creast is a start up in constant growth

Due to the increase in clients and projects, the development of new technologies and the expansion of services , in the last year alone it top industry data has quadrupled its team. With them it will be possible to accelerate the change that this industry so badly needs. Welcome ,” explains Eduardo Viéitez, CEO of Creast. After an arduous task of arithmetic in which we have been working for months, the numbers (which in no way have the last word) have ruled that David Madrid . CYW (6th position), Oriol Villar (10th position), Accenture Song (11th position), VMLY&R (12th position), MRM (14th position) and MONO (17th position) . 

The most creative agency

With 2,112 points to its credit, is of the year 2022 that We are about to finish. Flanking the Madrid agency on the podium are Leo Saudi Phone Number Burnett (1,164 points) and LOLA MullenLowe (1,156 points). In 2021 , David, Ogilvy and FCB&FiRe climbed onto the podium in our ranking . Twelve months later, David has managed to hold on to first position in the ranking, Ogilvy has dropped to 13th place and FCB&FiRe has been left out of the Top 20 most creative agencies this year. Leo Burnett, the second most creative agency this year, was sixth in 2021, while LOLA MullenLowe, third on the podium in 2022, was fourth last year. In this year’s ranking there are six new additions.

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