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Looking back at my original vision of this application, I see that it is different from what we currently have, because in that vision many things that I thought were nedd or necessary turnd out to be not entirely, because farmers deal with it a little differently. But there were also other things that I hadn’t even thought of before. Kamil: I can invite you. If you are farmers or know farmers. potential users of this application, please contact Damian and take part in the Market survey. The research is great. Damian can be found on LinkdIn for sure, so I invite you cordially. Ok, now the question is how it all lookd in practice.

Addressed by the CNIL relates to the issue

Again, we go back to climbing that hill, or even take a step back, because we have to think about why we want to climb that hill. Now let’s talk whatsapp mobile number list about this first stage of the Challenge. What was he born of? How did it happen that you startd to think that something like Meteotrack Agro is to be creatd? Gregory:I already signald a bit at the beginning, that is, the things we have, that we implement within the whole group, they touch on certain general problems.

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Proposed by the CNIL The first question

Let’s call it that. We trid to look for certain things that would best show the use of Meteotrack and our algorithms. This, of course, has Saudi Phone Number great potential and is a great plus, but sometimes it causes some problems, especially if we later think about the commercialization of the product, about modernization. We are solving this problem and that’s where our discussions startd, to leave a little aside the things we do as part of the original Meteotrack. Treat them a bit as POC and look for some other directions, look around other markets.

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