Postponing is not laziness!

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There are many reasonsocrastination Virtually all of them are related to our feelings. None of the factors are related to laziness, which is perhaps the biggest myth associated with procrastination. Check what is really blocking your operation.

Procrastination has always been associated with humanity. There’s always a good reason to put something off. Currently, technology and constant access to an infinite stream of information play a large role in this process.

This behavior was known as akrasia in ancient times . Today, procrastination is very often associat hanks to their research, they identifi several other factors affecting procrastination.

Postponing and Family Complications

Procrastination research expert Timothy Pychyl looked at the impact our family relationships have on procrastination. Among other things, his research found that women who grew up in a home where their father demand complete obedience and kept his feelings hidden were more likely to procrastinate.

According to Pychyl, such behavtime to Database makeior in adult life results from the desire to rebel, which the girls could not afford when they were therefore forc to act in their youth by their parents, especially by their father.

Interestingly, upbringing in such a family is not relat to self-esteem, but is only directly related to procrastination. Upbringing under an authoritarian father also affects daughters more than sons.

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