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Well, the truth is that by reading his comment Product Industry you already. Have part of the post created, but. I am going to try to contribute my own point of view on the matter. SEO recipe: next steps (that I would take). To grow the website I am going to approach this part of content as if it were a medical prescription . At a minimum, a series of “clues” for the lucky. Person who inherits this niche ( who wins the giveaway ): 1. Improve content that already works. The first action I would take would be to improve the Top 5. URLs that generated the most income for me in Adsense.

content as if it were  Product Industry a medical prescription

I’m not going to go into detail screen by screen regarding top industry data how to look at this within Adsense, it’s easy, I’m going to get to the point of the SEO part. Once you have these Top URLs, you would improve the content , internal linking and layout . The content would be improved by enhancing SEO writing and fine-tuning the copy based on the main search intent. To do this, I would go to the DinoRANK Organic Traffic module and observe which queries or queries those URLs already appear for and enhance them. DinoRANK Organic Traffic Module Similarly.

The content would be improved by enhancing SEO

I would see which queries we have impressions Saudi Phone Number for in the SERPS. But which, however, do not appear in the text of the post and include them. I would also improve the semantic prominence with the WDF*DF. Module and amplify the content of the texts with new keywords.  If you look at the previous screenshot, at first glance. I see a lot of room for optimization, for example. The keyword equifax offices does not appear in the post and. Yet it has a peak in prominence. Which means that our competition is using it and we do not.

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