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accordance with what is desired. So, programming is a process or activity of writing and testing (programming) so that programs can be created, and the results are as desired. So, are you starting to understand what programming is? Then, another question arose about programming. What is written in the process? Of course, not ordinary writing. It’s not like writing a novel or poetry because it involves a computer program. So written language must also be understandable by computers, namely in the form of pre-existing program codes. That’s why someone who is a programming expert must master a programming language. Currently, many new programming languages are emerging. This happens because someone tries to simplify and simplify existing programming .

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languages.faster, more effective and as simple as possible. Programming Languages for Programming language program You will get to know the programming languages commonly used for programming. The rapid development of technology certainly has an impact on programming languages. One of them is that new programming languages are starting to emerge. Here are several types of programming languages that are quite popular lately. Java Java is a high-level programming language that is object-oriented (OOP) and is composed of several classes. Long story short, you still remember the Java logo, right ? Symbolized by a cup of hot coffee. Yes, that’s right, Java was founded by James Gosling. He is a coffee lover. Apart from that, Java has become a mainstay programming language for programmers or application makers.¬†

Because Java can run on almost

Why? all operating systems. An example is an Android application created using the Java language. Python This programming language is currently very popular with application makers. For those of you who already know programming, you will also know the reason. Yep, Python is a high-level language. Currently, many large companies have implemented the system are called applications, such as web applications or Android. OK, in this discussion we will thoroughly Saudi Phone Number review programming terms. Let’s take a look at the following explanation. Bismillah. Get to know what programming is? programming You’re still wondering , right , what is programming? It’s simple, programming is a process for creating programs on a computer. The programs created can be software, websites, Android applications, etc. So, where do you start so you can start¬†

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