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You can also build a community by writing articles or creating a newsletter for everyone. On the network using the Creator Hub. LinkedIn Live allows you to watch live events and. A videos from industry leaders and competitors and there are also audio events. X (formerly Twitter) You can create a stream on X using carefully chosen hashtags. Stay away from ones that are too generic, such as #marketing or #technology, to avoid being bombarded by irrelevant tweets. Instead do some research to see what hashtags might fit your message or campaign – to go viral

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Or trend on the platform. Examples of tools are Rite tag, Hashtagify, and Keyhole. Due to its real-time nature, X is great for getting the scoop on breaking news  new database or new developments. You can also follow other brands and industry leaders to get  Adcreative.ai for opinions on new developments or tips on how to use a new platform – like how to build a custom report on GA4 for example. Instagram Instagram users can search for content by specific terms or hashtags using the platform’s ‘Explore’ feature. It also offers relate searches that allow you to broaden your results. It can be a powerful tool to stay on top of trends and discover valuable data, infographics, and videos.

Can be an outstanding source of news and information.

A strong influencer platform, Instagram allows you  Saudi Phone Number to follow creators – big and small – to track new trends and tap into any hashtags or conversations. It can also help you identify influencers on the up that may align with your brand that you could use in activities or campaigns. Facebook Like other networks, Facebook has groups and communities that brands can tap into to see what customers are saying and start conversations. This could be to discover more about your customers, create brand awareness, or simply drive engagement.

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