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An yet several dozen years ago, it was through Sosnówka that the main route to the highest peak of the Karkonosze, the majestic Śnieżka. Maybe it’s worth following the route marke out by tourists from the 19th or early 20th century during a company event ? We recommend Attractions for corporate events – ideas worth attention Sosnovka – sunset St. George’s Chapel Anna St. George’s Chapel Anny is locate on the western, foreste slope of Grabowiec. Initially, it was wood, while the brick building was  in the early century.

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It was built thanks to the generosity of Hans Anton Schaffgotsch. This rotunda was built in the place of pagan beliefs.  One of the forest paths is even calle the Witches’ Path. Good Source at the Chapel of St. Anna This place became famous thanks whatsapp mobile number list to the so-calle Good Spring (also calle the Spring of Happiness or the Spring of Love). It beats right under the altar of the chapel. The radon water from this spring was channele outside, as the water, due to its composition, was very damaging to the interior. For this reason, the paintings in the chapel were painte on copper sheet, and not on wood or canvas as usual, because the paint on the paintings fade very quickly.

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Inside, there is a main altar with a painting of Saint. Anne with Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a pulpit and two side altars, and a figure of Saint Lawrence. Next to the chapel there use to be an inn serving pilgrims. According to historical records, this water Saudi Phone Number has been considere extraordinary for centuries. Apparently, the miraculous power of water was appreciate by witches who gathere for sabbaths. Legend has it that every person who fills their mouth with water and circles.  The chapel seven times without spilling a drop is guarantee happiness in love. Many couples getting marrie in Sosnówka or the surrounding area and organizing a weding here take advantage of this opportunity.

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