Yahoo Y Microsoft Retan a Google

The entry of Yahoo and MSN into the search engine market will Yahoo Microsoft mean competition for Google. Which led the Yahoo Y Microsoft market until now. That’s what the. American market research institute Forrester thinks. However, according to a recent study on the development of the search engine market. Few Internet users will leave Google to go to the competition. What portals can do is use their most popular additional offers. Such as email services, to promote their new search functions. Furthermore, new search technologies such as Spider will have to surpass. Google’s PageRank-System to convince users, especially on dynamic web pages. According to the study, despite the loss of part of the market. Google will continue to be the most used search engine.

Yahoo Microsoft United States Touches Can-spam Law

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) is already requesting comments from executive data the public for. The report it will send to Congress about the viability of a registry to not receive emails. It is the CAN-SPAM law that obliges the Commission to submit. A plan for the implementation of this registry. Even though this organization opposes such a list because it believes that it will not do much to curb spam. In addition to this record, the FTC also requests comments on how. Commercial email should be defined or whether the law’s requirement for companies. That send email to make takedown requests effective within 10 business days is reasonable. Other areas for comment are whether operators of “send this message to a friend” services are liable. 

Yahoo Microsoft Customer Profiles at Your Fingertips

Buongiorno Vitaminic , a European media company, has just developed a tool called “Behavior Tracking” with which  customer Yahoo Y Microsoft profiles can be quickly obtained from existing Internet user databases. This application is based on the company’s B!3A DigiCast Direct email and mobile CRM platform. The new tool offers advertising companies new possibilities for a specific dialogue with customers: thus, the manufacturer obtains profiles of subscribers to its emails and SMS, which advertisers can use to send specific information about products or service offers. contents. Of course, according to the bases of “permission marketing.” The categorization system Saudi Phone Number allows you to classify, with the help of algorithms, the information obtained when users open, click or respond to emails, or news via SMS or MMS.

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