Shopee Store Decoration Complete Guide By Split Dragon

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One of the most effective ways to increase your Shopee sales is to increase the visual appeal of your business page. Shop Decoration helps you do it in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. Read on for everything you need to know about Shop Decor.

Benefits of Using Shop Decoration

  • It can bring additional whatsapp mobile number list traffic to your business page
  • You can showcase your best-selling products as well as promotions to increase visibility and exposure
  • This allows you to create the most suitable layout for your brand
  • Your brand can stand out from competitors
  • If done well, you will get more clicks and higher conversion rates

Enter the Shopee Seller Center. Find the Shop menu in the sidebar and then click Shop Decoration.

Click Decorate Your Store Now.

How to Use Shop Decoration

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To give you an introduction to Shop Decoration, part number one as illustrated in the image above refers to the component panel. This is where you can add videos, carousels, and other design patterns to your store’s business page. Carousel is a feature that allows you to display different photos in a specific order.

The components panel is also the Saudi Phone Number place where you can add banner images as well as the products you want to highlight in your shop. There is also an option to add products by category.

The second part illustrated in the figure relates to the canvas. This serves as a preview for you to see how your shop will look depending on how you customize your business page.

The third section refers to the component properties panel. This is where you can enter or edit the properties of the component you uploaded from the component panel.

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