Which Protagonist Will Draw The Audience Into Your Story?

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Each story consists of a combination of different elements: plot, theme, action, dialogue, conflict, pace, humor, and so on…

Of course, each of these elements is important, but none is as important as the main character.

The protagonist is often the weakest element of many screenplays and novels – not to mention the plethora of movies and TV shows that have been produced.

Why is this happening?

Many authors forget that history is always about people and the relationships between them.

It doesn’t matter how much your fantasy takes you and how many shocking plot twists or philosophical arguments you have prepared. Without properly selected characters, the fast-paced action recedes into the background.

The protagonist is the main character of the story.we Latest Mailing Database are It is this character who makes key decisions affecting the plot, the course of the story and “pushes” it forward. He is also often the character who faces the biggest obstacles.

The Protagonist and Your Front Page

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This is a very good exercise because before your script has any chance of being realized, someone has to read it and get immersed in the world you have created.

Industry specialists can already judge from the first few pages of the script whether the story is worth their attention. That means you have a maximum of 10 pages to convince them.

Set the bar a little higher. Assume that you need to grab the reader’s attention from the very first page.

And the beginnings of every story are about the protagonist.

If the reader doesn’t find your chara Saudi Phone Number cter interesting, why should he care about her?

In practice, it looks a bit different. A hero in a difficult situation can certainly count on kindness, but only on the surface.

For us to be truly concerned about what is happening to him, we must first care for him.

How to do it?

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