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Active corporate integration on the water is a feast for the eyes, but at the same time a challenge for people who like adrenaline. We recommend Integration exercises that will strengthen your team Team building Sosnovka Integration events in the mountains have been very popular for years. Especially that outdoor games and activities surrounde by majestic peaks and among mountain meadows are an experience in themselves. In this atmosphere, it is easy to break away from everyday life and focus on team building tasks. The proximity of nature also has a positive effect on strengthening interpersonal ties. Nothing brings the team together like an evening bonfire.

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For example, a corporate event in Sosnówka may mean staying together in a boutique hotel and solving a criminal mystery! Or building a Goldberg machine. These are just some of the many ideas for team building . Also company Olympics, scenario phone number list games or joint rafting or cooking workshops are just samples of possible reliable team building games. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is an experience organizer of company events and creative methods of team integration. Sosnowka Reservoir One of the biggest attractions of Sosnówka is the huge reservoir of the same name, the Sosnówka reservoir. It is an artificial water reservoir , opene in 2001. Its creation greatly change the landscape of the village.

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The lagoon is an emergency source of drinking water for Jelenia Góra, and at the same time it is a retention reservoir. The idea to make Sosnówka a recreational reservoir is still being discusse, which would certainly increase the Saudi Phone Number attractiveness of both the village and the entire region. The Sosnówka Reservoir is fe by the waters of three nearby streams: Czerwonka, Sośniaka and Podgórna. Zalew Sosnówka is just a few minutes’ walk from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. It is a really picturesque place where you can admire the beautiful landscape of the Karkonosze Mountains reflecte in the water in peace and quiet.

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