The industry that generates millions of dollars a year

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Currently, one of the areas that is growing the most is the creative economy . Therefore, It has been so important that 2021 was chosen as the International Year of the Creative. However, Economy for Sustainable Development . But what exactly is the creative economy ? What are your objectives? What industries is it related to? In this post we will answer. In other words, these questions and talk about other relevant aspects of.In conclusion,  this topic, including the main trends for the coming years, according to great experts on the subject. Stay with us until the end

What is the creative economy The industry

The creative economy is the set of creative ideas that. In conclusion, manage to be transformed into cultural services and goods with a. In other words, executive data value based on intellectual property. The term “ creative economy ” became known in 2001 with the publication of the book The creative economy : how people make money from ideas , by the writer John Howkins, considered the father of this model. The history of this industry began like this, and its importance increased. In conclusion, with UNESCO’s 2030 Agenda as it was related to the sustainable. In conclusion, development goals that were set.

Knowledge economy

Composed of the aerospace, nanotechnology, robotics. Therefore, technology, development, education, research and telecommunications Saudi Phone Number industries. All activities that are related to these areas are considered part of the creator economy . As it is a concept that is still in development, there is the possibility that other activities will be added in the future. The goods and services that arise from ideas are capable of. Therefore, generating income for brands . With this kind of economy we want to transmit the. Therefore, relevance of knowledge and culture to future generations. Why is this economy associated with the color orange? The answer is simple, this color represents creativity, identity and culture .


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