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Commit functions to record/track future changes.  can be a social media that has positive posts  in the image below. 5. Create a New Repository form In this section, you can fill in yourself using the brief explanation below: Repository name: column to name the repo you want to create. Description: column to describe the repo you want to create. It is optional, meaning it can be filled in or not. Visibility: there are two repo appearance options , namely ” public ” and ” private “. Select public if you want to be seen by other users/select private if you only want to be seen by yourself. Initialize this repository : there are several options for setting up.about programming science. automation or you are the consumer of automation” (Tom Preston Werner) That’s all for this article, sorry if there are any wrong words in the writing.

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Be even more enthusiastic about learning coding with Dicoding! Also read the following selected articles: What is the Rate Limit on the GitHub API? 5 Powerful Web Coding IDEs What is the Difference Between Git and GitHub? The following is the explanation History of Programming Languages Created To learn more about what Github is and how to use it, you can take the Source Code Management whatsapp number list for Beginners class . Apart from that, you can also learn Easy Ways to Collaborate with Github through our broadcast on YouTube Dicoding. What is Github? Here’s How to Use It – by Alfian Dharma Kusuma , Intern Junior Content Writer at Dicoding Educator’s Story: Fostering a Love of Programming Among Students If you already love programming, then learning to code will feel easier and more enjoyable.

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For Muhammad Khaidir Fahram , Lecturer at STIKOM Insan Unggul and Poltek Piksi Input, Serang.   Varrying out his mandate as a lecturer for seven (7) years. For that long, he has been trying to instill a love of programming in hundreds of his students. How did he do it? Let’s take a look Beginning Saudi Phone Number of Becoming a Lecturer Mr Khaidir was originally one of the best graduates of STIKOM Insan Unggul. From this achievement, he was trusted to become a teaching assistant. One day the lecturer said “Khaidir, you come to class, I will teach .” But in class, instead of just sitting quietly . This Cum Laude graduate was actually pointed at teaching without preparation. Starting from an unexpected moment, it turned out to be like it. From 2013 until now, he continues to teach at two campuses at once.

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