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Regarding internal linking, I would limit myself The Product. To doing something as simple as concentrating more internal links from. The body of all posts with keyword anchor text and variations of it. This would be done from all the posts (there are few) towards the Top. URLs that generate the most income in Adsense through organic traffic. As for the layout, I would consider changing the theme and starting from scratch with a new logo and a more proactive use of the Ultimate Shortcodes plugin . And in relation to the theme, the one that gives me the most confidence right now is Wasabi .

Links to the home The Product page with a brand name

More links If we want to stay with the industry email list keyword “Dicom” and derivatives, the niche is well planned as it is, but the idea would be to make it a larger portal … For that we need to increase authority. I would work on more links to the home page with a brand name. Plain and simple. Then it would send traffic to these links (but I discuss that in the point below). The links… how many?, from where?, how often?, with what anchors? The classic questions.

Logo and a more proactive use of the Ultimate

These are the ways to get links: Buy at Saudi Phone Number a market place. Prospect in the SERPS. Both have their pros and cons. I would do a mix of both. Exclusive Promotion for B30 readers At Blogger3cero we always bet on quality and that is why we use Unancor to purchase links from our niches. Use the code BLOGGER3CERO and get an extra 10% for your first deposit. Take advantage of this coupon I would make about 2 – 3 quality links per month, until making a total of 6 – 9 links, in a quarter. 3. More authority In parallel it would send traffic.

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