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Human relationships in any context have communication as their basic support. If we facilitate the mechanisms so that it occurs naturally and, in addition, we make this communication develop in an ethical and free climate, we will have taken the first and most important step of all the activities present to us in the teaching world. The link between the concepts of ucation and communication must be analyz bas on the fact that ucation is a social phenomenon that involves teaching-learning relationships (Meléndez, 1895). Interpersonal and intermiate communication is characteristic of the school environment since the participants relate face to face and share a certain purpose .

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 However, bidirectionality in communication is not only a matter between two personalities, it is also a process of internal communication. Nowadays, after the first decade of the 21st century, we are immers in a new stage, where the knowlge society imposes its rules and makes new nes emerge relat to communication, with a new communication. Technological change is affecting the way we communicate, the way we access and business email list manipulate information, the way, in short, how we “create” knowlge. In the field of teaching, the use of information and communication technologies in classrooms has been gradually implement so that they now constitute essential tools in teaching.

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The nes, expectations, demands and challenges that the ucational system has today reflect, as well as condition, the tasks that we as ucation professionals perform. Within these tasks, the ne for current teachers to have Saudi Phone Number exquisite knowlge and management of communicative processes and how to apply them in our teaching task occupies a priority place. Expanding the horizon of internal communication towards the dimension of shar knowlge and human relations constitutes an opening and, above all, a response to the demand and nes of the new ucational centers and the people who constitute them.

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