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In addition, the use of guerrilla marketing tools, guerrilla marketing in Polish, can help to achieve viral effects. The campaign is then suppose to surprise, even shock, and in this way become a topic that everyone is talking about. Controversies do tend to garner large reach in a short amount of time, but it’s easy to go overboard here. As a consequence, the brand may lose a lot in the eyes of the recipients, for which there are many examples. Therefore, in order not to lose control over your own advertising, you should carefully monitor the reactions of the recipients in various channels on the web.

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Tools that are normally use by the so-calle referral marketing . So these are all opinion sites, review sections in Google My Business and on the brand’s official social channels. We recommend KPI and marketing activities Viral marketing – examples whatsapp mobile number list Viral videos on YouTube are an unexplore ocean of content. However, for the purposes of this post, I will narrow down the examples to strictly marketing content that has gaine huge publicity confirme by the number of views. For example, last year’s (2019) Allegro Christmas ad gaine as many as 18 million views.

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In this case, the effect of emotion worke, because the script of the ad really touche the heart. An old man orders an English textbook for beginners. We follow his progress over the next few minutes, only to find out that he did it so he could talk to his Saudi Phone Number granddaughter who lives abroad. Hands up who crie then. Allegro ads generally keep the level and are often viral. Here, however, it is difficult to talk about the low budget allocate to the campaign, which turne into the best-execute viral marketing . Another example of a viral marketing campaign is a fresh advertising video for the jewelery brand Apart. At the beginning of November 2020, the company release a long, almost 4-minute long advertising video on the Internet.

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