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 Because this is the most interesting, but the compliance part is what we usually think about least. OfficeThe goal of any website is to get traffic and then convert it into potential customers (potential customers) and, of course, into customers. I always say that a website without a clear definition and a clear goal will not give you results. But today I want to tell you what happens or can happen when you ignore the legitimacy of the website.

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 The boring, complicated part seems to go unnoticed, by both the creator new data and the user, and yet somehow the author and the. You think so, but the reality is different: I just want you to think of the obvious things so you can see why I am telling you this. It is clear that success and visibility go hand in hand, and the higher the visibility, the greater the risk. What is less obvious: Your legal compliance or non-compliance level is equally visible. This puts your website at risk. The risk of a complaint, lack of trust, reputational issues, the risk of avoiding a claim, etc.

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 It is almost true that these texts are unimportant until they become important. Which legal texts are mandatory on a web page Any web page should contain at least the following legal texts that I will show you. At the very least, I say this, because depending on Saudi Phone Number the type of website (company, e-commerce, etc) you will need more or less pages and details: Legal Notices For any web page where the owner benefits directly or indirectly, legal notices are mandatory.

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