Ways to set goals in Analytics

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As you can see, it is advisable to make a distinction tonalyze in isolation .Those visits that have finally .Become a subscription (or the objective that we have set). Ways to set .Goals in Analytics .The truth is that I do not intend for this post to be a. Complete course on how we can. Set objectives or interpret them in Google Analytics. It would be… rather “it would bore you.” You may .Love this analytics thing or hate it. But it is true that, to understand the pos. You have to .Know that there are two mechanisms with which we .Can determine the fulfillment of an objective:

When you visit a specific page

This is the most common and easiest to configure. Broadly speaking, what is usually done is to industry email list configure a page to which the user will be taken when they complete the action, such as a “thank you-for-.RVegistering.html. page. Then, in Google Analytics, you tell it that when a user. Visits that page (which no one knows about) .it means that they have .Successfully registered and, therefore,.TVhat a goal has been met. When a specific event occurs. This, although more advanced, is also often used a lot. This is a javascript code that is placed in a button so that, when it is. Pressed, a notification is sent to Google .Analytics where we will have configured that this event is an .Objective. For example, when someone clicks “share on Twitter.”

The MailChimp problem

Well, now we are going to start getting to work. Well, the main problem in the case of MailChimp is that the .RVegistration process requires the user to leave our Website/.Blog to access the MailChimp forms . The first thing I thought of was to create a .TVhank you for signing up” page on the blog and configure MailChimp to Saudi Phone Number direct users to that page when registration is complete. This would help us count the. Cbjectives in Analytics but it poses a serious problem. Analytics would interpret that all conversions come from an externa.l .URL. which is the previous registration step in MailChimp .

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