What Is Live Commerce & How Is It Changing Ecommerce

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With more and more consumers buying online, brands have experimented with shoppertainment – a term closely related to in-person commerce. It is a brand new way to connect with shoppers on a human level while maintaining the convenience of online/mobile shopping. Here’s an overview of live trading, trends in the market, and how it could potentially impact the world of eCommerce.

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Shoppertainment is a neologism between shopping and entertainment. Most importantly, it is a retail tactic to provide interaction to customers in a way that provides them with an entertaining in-store shopping experience. As it deals with eCommerce sales and marketplaces, shoppertainment deals with live streaming.

What is Live Commerce

Live Commerce first appeared back in 2014 when Mogujie, a fashion eCommerce platform started experimenting with it. Soon after, Alibaba Taobao, the world’s largest e-commerce website, followed suit.

From the live streams of these whatsapp mobile number list two eCommerce companies, the hosts will try on different outfits and interact with viewers via live chat. Viewers can ask the host how the fabric is and can even ask the host to try on the outfit along with certain accessories. The experience for the customer/audience is similar to how one can make direct contact and interaction with a seller when one is shopping from a physical retail store or mall.

In this aspect, eCommerce players can realize the potential of live streaming for the following 4 important roles:

  1. Customer engagement
  2. Help customers better understand the product
  3. More personal interaction between seller-buyer
  4. Activate sales

How Can Brands & Merchants Benefit From Live Streaming

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When launching products online, it can be difficult to connect with potential customers without personal interaction. But that’s where live streaming comes into play. Live videos automatically attract a lot of attention and views and since you can talk to people live, show products in action and generate excitement among prospects, there is a high probability of increasing conversion rates. Product Demos

Through live streaming, you will be able to demonstrate how your product can help solve people’s problems just like sales staff at Malls and retail stores are sure to inspire curiosity and encourage people to make a purchase.

  • Webinars

If you sell in an IT or technology related niche, live webinars allow you to organize events where experts can talk about the advantages of your product and the possible solutions it offers customers. This is Saudi Phone Number also an opportunity for customers to ask questions and learn more about your technology or product.


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