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We have managed of them is mainly that the total costs of natural gas and electricity. In amount to at least % of the value of sold production. The value of sold production constitutes revenue from the sale of products. Services and works, net of VAT and excise duty, and together with the value of receive subsidies, i.e. subsidies for products (products and services). Who qualifies for support? All energy-intensive enterprises. Whose predominant activity is in section B or C of the PKD can apply for funds. Companies whose costs of electricity and natural gas. In amount to at least of the value of sold production will be eligible for support. The nature of support.

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The assistance will come in two variants: basic and enhance. Basic aid is intend for all energy-intensive entrepreneurs operating in the industrial sector. However, increase aid is available to companies operating in sectors that are particularly Photo Retouching expose to loss of competitiveness. Basic aid will be paid in two rounds.  For the first and second half of in the form of a refund, and increase aid in the form of an advance payment for the entire year. How much can you gain? BASIC ASSISTANCE Maximum subsidy intensity. Maximum value of funding. Maximum subsidy intensity Maximum value of funding.

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It should be note that if someone has already benefit from the aid of the program in (Aid for energy-intensive sectors relate to sudden increases in natural gas and electricity prices in ), the basic aid limit to which they are entitle will be reduce by the aid funds obtain as part of the previous edition of the program. The limits are calculate jointly for all Saudi Phone Number relate entities in Poland, so it should be taken into account whether the entrepreneur is an independent enterprise or is a relate entity due to capital or personal connections. For beneficiaries of increase aid, the limit of aid receive in both programs in total is EUR million. Start of the call for applications. The call for applications for basic aid is plan in two rounds.

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