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But it may take a lot longer ! But building a house without a floor plan to know where the wires, pipes or money for the work will go makes this task almost impossible — or worse: risky! Marketing without “Digital” is still Marketing, even if 100% of the profit potential is not explor due to the lack of digital tools .advertiser pays an amount for each click on an ad! This method is advantageous because you only pay for real conversion possibilities instead of, for example, impressions (views) of the ads serv — which can be expensive.

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 CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) CAC is one of the most important KPIs (I’ll talk about this below) when measuring a business because it indicates how much it cost to acquire each new customer through Marketing actions. From it, it is possible to calculate the profitability of the business and reset prices, create offers and avoid losses! To calculate CAC , make a free copy of our spreadsheet: CAC Calculator (Customer Acquisition new database Cost) ROI (Return on Investment) Return on Investment (or ROI) is another KPI us to measure the profit obtain in comparison to the money invest in an action or project.

Quadrants of the BCG Matrix: examples

 The higher the ROI, the better! Tip: Understand the relationship between ROI and Digital Marketing KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Call KPIs , Key Performance Indicators are different values ​​us to analyze whether an action is being successful or not. As each project has its own nes and expectations, the KPIs monitor can be various (far beyond CAC and ROI) and that is why I think it is important to also talk about the following Digital Marketing strategies : Digital Marketing Strategies Content Marketing Content Marketing is one of the most effective Digital Marketing strategies because it Saudi Phone Number uses the creation and publication of valuable materials to make consumers find (and fall in love with) the brand.

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